Wednesday, June 27, 2012

RE-Xtreme - Team Blue

Look into my deep blue eyes.

This chassis is performing very very well. I love it. fast and controllable. But I still love the challenge of the 1.8cs green machine.

Lights are a little too blue.  I changed the headlights to blue, but the blue + blue tint is too dark. It doesn't look good now. I may take the paint off the headlights for better effect.  You may also notice many paint chips on these rims. looking a bit ragged, but repairable.

I used it a lot!

but overall, It's still looking awesome. when the two cars are together they look great.

in action, it's very nice indeed.

Yamada-san is piloting here.

here you can see the lights have changed a little. they don't match anymore.

which is a little disappointing because last week they looked perfect!

But bad... no way! This is amazing!

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