Friday, June 1, 2012

Free Bull Shit

The body was free, so I guess it's a great link to Liberty...

Welcome to the Liberty Walk Gallardo LB "Lambo-Zero-R"

Liberty walk cars are simple, so I had to think carefully about how much to add to this one.

 Their recent matt green Murciallago Zero fighter stencilled theme was the inspiration.

With the base coat already screaming flake. It was more of a small contrast.

The result is nothing short of COOL!

Stickers, were a quick application. not perfect, but effective. Lights yet to be added.

I really love the LB super car superman theme. I stuck some small ones on the wheels and made some tyre stencils (wrong size...doh!) . they will come off on the first impact. but with photos first...

I wanted to remove the big blancpain from the spoiler, but it's painted on the outside there... a bit tricky.

Lambos are always green or orange, soi tried the green rims also.

I think the grey maybe better, but I have a hoard of wheels to try.

A few subtle placement RC stickers go un-noticed.

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