Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MAX Attack - Part 1.

There's something about a pink drift package that is quite hmmm... "girly".

but that's quite ok, because Sayo-chan was giving it a workout.

She was getting the drift from the drift package.

Although the Drift package is quite old it still performs very well. But the ESC is very important in these. Luckily this KN-Kinkaku tuned machine has a Keyence setup also.

But from old to New and even Newer. This is a Tamiya VDF II! the first I've seen in the flesh. Immediately you think... Way too many belts and gears.

On this chassis one of them has already been replaced for some "Ketsukaki" overdrive.

keikyu boys are Tamiya Junkies! Testing... Testing... It's very good nearly straight out of the box ... and has some very serious steering angle.

see more here. VDS v VDF II v TA-06

Don't worry about the body setup yet.

It's usually on the VDS.

This skyline has a middle spec Overdose tuned TA-06 under the R32.

Thanks for the help today!

These 2 TA-06 couldn't be more different. one is CS 2.5x and one is 1.5x both are fast and stable. Perhaps a little too stable for me.

But when the guys were running together they were well matched, speeds were way up there.

When I ran with these guys today. I'm flattening my line to stay fast... It's not how I like to run.

But I had immense fun anyway. That's drift. Adjust to who's running and get maximum slide by slide-ability.

When those super close transitions work. It's super cool!

This R31 Skyline wears a full overdose DRB underneath. I lit his imagination with a lend of some alignment bars today. he has the bug.... ps... thanks for the sticker.

more to come in part 2.

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