Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MAX Attack - Part 2.

It all gets a bit hectic sometimes.

When I'm not out running mm from these guys. The down time during battery charge is usually a much needed break. This Hachi Hachi battle was cool.

 Theres a DIB with some unique rear end treatment under here. for positive camber on suspension compression. Food for thought.

 No matter what chassis you have. JXR vs TA-06

DIB, VDS or Drift package.

You can always get some good battles in. Today some of the most enjoyable were with this Black Chaser which covers an ARD "CE-R"

The green of my car would lurk in the shadows with it quite well. Of course I don't have any pics of my own driving.

Sometimes you get those Initial D moments.

And sometimes you just need a rest. This is a 1/2 imadoki conversion utilising the shock towers and some other pieces.

A nice array.

Low down! Cool!

Imo-san is always keen for a shot.

 I'll end this weeks track battles with a nice shot of a drift package. I love drift i think. It's a lot more fun and a lot less pressure than on-rodd circuit RC for sure.

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