Tuesday, June 19, 2012

RE-Xtreme Tsunami TA-D7

Yes. It's what I want and It's mine.

It all came together quite well indeed.

Kazama wheels are the perfect match.

 There are curves and slabs on this RX-7. Super GT for the Drift world.

Overall, the wave pattern is hardly visible. but you know something is underneath. 

the waves are more visible from some angles. but at speed the RUSH will be awesome.

 I dialed in 15 degrees for these pics. I'll run 13.

Tribal Water.

I thought there'd be more blue. but the white is very powerful. I may rewire some blue LEDs.

Rear is looking good.

 Can't wait to get this sideways.

The Tsunami TA-D7 joins the Super GT-D7 for my drift squad. These will be the mainstay of my RC drifting for some time. so I'm glad the Tsunami turned out as good as it did.

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