Friday, June 29, 2012

Junkyard drb-dog.

"Whacha gonna do with all that junk?" "Brand new junk"

I had an extra 1/2 a chassis in brand new spares from my previous purchase (a lot more than this pic including spare used axles, shocks etc etc.bearings have been installed) and I still have a lot of doubles and triples left over.

That said, I still needed a fair few bits to complete it. Of course the expensive ones like the main lower bulkheads. I've installed 2.0x and 1 degree rear toe for the time being.

So I've 99% completed this chassis. I only need a lower steering arm set to complete it now. Someone who has upgraded to overdose will have one.

I'm also thinking about config. If I run the small 3/4 batteries in this, I can use a central battery location.

But is there really that much difference. Maybe about 20 grams... not worth the holes and hassle.
So I'll leave it normal.

I used a set of Yokomo shocks. (rebuilt with totally new components.) 
I'm yet to add the 7 or 10 degree front castor set I have spare. Still undecided there.

I also thought about reversing the chassis. or Color change it?

SSG silver surface graphite chassis and upper deck.
45 degree steering and full titanium turnbuckles.
Blue Alloy components. New and unused from previous upgrades.

Front Ball Diff
FCD 2.0
FCD 1.8
7 Deg alloy Castor Hub
4 Deg plastic Hubs
Rear Setting bars
            RR 3.5 stock
            RR 2.0 +1200
            RR 1.0 with sus-pins
2 sets of stock solid axles for 50:50.
Normal belts and spare belts.
4 sets of Vertex springs as well as original Springs.
1 set of chrome wheels and tyres included +10offset.
and a whole bunch of spurs and extras.

A good gift

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