Saturday, June 16, 2012

Double Overdose in Max one

Tonight was pretty special. The Overdose 2nd anniversary weekend in Max one. Thanks for a great evening.

This evening was just some good fun driving and a small informal competition.

In the mini comp I did quite well. It was a nice little test for myself actually. I surprised many, but Jin-san showed everyone how to do it.

With so many guys in Max one. there was only 1 pit table left when I arrived. Amazing. Everyone was driving very well.

This was the parking area during the mini comp. Open attack hosted by Weld.

Many guys... Good Job!

And the master.

But the FC was brought for a good reason!

to get side by side!

But not too close... you might get burned! As close as you get to RC Flame!

I had a lot of fun in tandem  north craft FC battles with my friends Overdose DRB. We ran for a long time side by side in among the 20 or so drivers on track. awesome.

Of course I hooked up with many others on track also. If I didn't catch your name, please re-introduce yourselves next time...

there was so much going on I didn't have much time except to have a short drive.

so much to see.

But being an overdose anniversary, I succumbed to the 50% discount and got myself No 155 ichi go-go! Overdose setting board.

very cool! Do I need an S15 now?

I'd like an overdose chassis. (bad picture.... gomen..)

How much will it take before I Overdose on RC.... a lot more.

Stay tuned for part 2 

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