Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maxing it out.

In preparation for the Time Attack Drifter. I brought out the Super GT-D7 to Max One today.

Yamada-san has been refreshing the track with new lighting and moving a few buildings around to make visibility a bit better. I could run this one without lights no problem.

but, I'll add some lighting soon. I'm going to end up with two of these Tamiya Super GT RX-7 bodies side by side for comparison. This one still has the Spur cutout from the RE-R. Stupid design. These bodies are super low. they mount sitting on the front and rear shock tower. Perfect.

My two DRB were joined by a red version 1 today. blue silver, Blue Black and  Red Black. I also ran with an Overdose DRb which suffered one way failure. I missed the opportunity for a Red Silver shot also.

The effect is very different.

I added some Silver wire to the HT chassis for direct battery connection. The carbon chassis is yet to receive it's blue wire.

I guess for many, the limited red versions are the ones to have. But honestly, I think a nice citrus orange may be added to mine soon. This particular red version has the black series one bridge and is stock except for a rear blue FCD drive. The owner not proud of his electronics... hehe.

Yamada-san's TA-06 now wearing silver carbon Tech racing chassis and overdose / rc square conversion.

I max have to print a battery sticker for him... that yellow is ugly!

When I arrived I came across this. Remote control drifter with camera...

and the result was awesome. Driving max one via a screen is pretty cool. kind of GT-5 but when you know the consequences are still real, it adds a level of caution.

I liked it a lot. the tt-01 was a bit hard to control without brake, but if you stamped the throttle it was driftable.

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