Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mr Photogenic.

Sometimes, there's that one colour scheme that always looks good.

This is a Yokomo DIB with a Yokomo GP Sports G-Master S15  body. One of my favourites for it's Kawabatta-ness. They are actually one of the better handling among Yokomo bodies for drift too. They are near the best in the on-road type races with street bodies.

Anyway. This livery is very good at getting my attention. It filled my lens quite a lot today. I have a longer lens that is really quite necessary for shooting RC.  The cars move so fast, tracking the with a short lens is near impossible.

Big Deep White TE37s are not bashful either.

It just seemed to POP when I was doing other things.

then I'd track it with my new lens. I have to remember to use the focus frames on the camera though... doh!. 

S15's are cool! By the way.. In case you didn't hear... the DIB is good. Very good. 


  1. How did he do the rear diffuser??

  2. Street Jam on DIB


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