Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Here's a look at some cool beasts from the guys at Hobby Garage Japan.

The first is this Sil80with bit's and pieces from everywhere. there's a lot going on.

The bonnet protectors add to the realism. I guess it's got a bit of USDM feel to it. monster tacho on the dash is cool!

speaking of dashes... this usdm look civic is insane. who'd of though to make a dash mat? Hobby Garage!

The rear has a small scooter in an Al. lined rear section.

Front light detail is cool and the mooneyes tag hanging from the mirror is another nice touch. 

Bone, Cream, Ivory, Brown Beige whatever. and those wheels are an awesome choice. roof bike is still a bit much, but thats the style. Authentically replicated.

It is only a Display Body. But the chassis is a runner.

The guys were running this EK9 on the day. While not quite up to level of the EG, it still looks the part.

I've come to learn that body lines are a necessity for a good looking machine.

whether taped painted or drawn. This Hachi is a cool version... another Wild Willy driver inside. These really are a good size for the 86 and larger (smaller car) 1/10 bodies.

All the guys together.

Here is the last "Boro Boro" AE86 rusty beast.

the body is painted outside, but the bonnet has a coating of rust.

Looks like it's been parked at Ebisu Circuit for a few years.


  1. The EG is awesome. The Motocompo is a really nice touch.

  2. Yeah it's a nice body... something different

  3. What exacly color is gen5 civic (creme..)? All bodies are awesome !


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