Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rajicon Crazy - Long Wheelbase

When I first saw this chassis a few weeks ago in Super Rajicon's display case, I thought what chassis is that?

Based on OTA-R31 components. This is an extended wheelbase machine for the 4 door lovers and was a prototype only. When you visit Japanese tracks, a large majority of rc bodies are either Chaser / Mark II / Tourer V or Silvia S13/4/5/180/sil80 or AE86. There is a clear definition. I am definitely in the minority running RX7s

This chassis focusses on the larger 4 door 1/10 drifter. The extra length gives the impression of a truly bigger car. While this may be more realistic. What it does do, it hamper the line that you are going to drift on.

If you run something like this at a small track like Super Rajicon's own tiny track you will probably block the corner and require more space for sure. The body has been spliced for length but street Jam are bringing out a new 4 door lexus and a new "ML" chassis for the Zeon and OTA-R3 style chassis. They will be 275-290mm adjustable. Interesting times ahead.

The focus of drift for many in Japan is not competition. Running one corner in a comp is simply not as satisfying as five hours of tandem or sextuplet drift. The thirst for realism continues as bodies, body-kits, wheels and more components help create these working replicas of reality.


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  1. hello, this chassis, can I find a dimensional drawing or a CAD file somewhere?
    thank you for these beautiful pictures of chassis!


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