Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Night Live! @ MAx One

This was the scene today. Yamada-san captured this image and decided it was good enough to U-Stream.
I hope someone saw us going at it.

7 of us all together with more turning up later. but basically we were all side by side. The bar has definitely been raised at Max One. Anyone for fishing?

Imo-san captured this image just as we started streaming. This was insane fun. at one stage we had a 5 -red car drift train. it looked pretty damn cool.

Early in the day, just a few runners. I have a love/hate relationship with Velcro mounts! A lot of body adjustment today.

Here is the view from the web cam.

But here is a link to some recorded action... Just after I finished... Doh!

I took a video today of the 86. we shall see how long it takes to edit.


  1. all cars are running superb..what is the gearing setup used for the pulley?

  2. A lot of fifferent combos

    Drb 1.5
    Otar 1.9
    Overdose Drb 1.47
    Tao5 vdf2 1.8
    Ta-06 1.5



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