Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I like this shot a LOT! I don't know why. "BOSS" Style

Today I tried to toughen up the AE86. The Deep Work XSA from Street Jam have turned it from a Race style machine to a street thumper! the 17"look on the XSA is pretty cool.

The matt bronze and red really matches the body and deeeeeeeeeep dish is cool!.

Good Morning. Touge Attack!

Wild Rusty on board welcoming you to another daily adventure.

Ishida-san joining me today along with some extra members.

I like using his car as a backdrop. He is always kind enough to oblige.

The movement in the background adds to the effect.

I thy to get light and reflection. This shot is dark and light, shiny and blurred. one of those you can look at for a long time. There's even a reflection of a person in the door.

This one doesn't quite give the same effect, but that wheel dish is insane. I luv these wheels.

While I was laying on the track breaking parts of the diorama. I was getting "buzzed" quite closely. I have trust in ability.

A while ago I made some targets for Max One. Sometimes I like to put them up for practice. Usually in difficult spots recently.

This is not the usual line for this corner. It is usually an "in" clip rather than an out clip. I am enjoying trying different layouts recently.

I also tried to master the reverse anti-clockwise highway line today. I think I'm 90% there.

After practicing for a while we moved on to tandem runs with this line and a different course with a tight hairpin. We also tried some opposite direction drifting like a "show demo" with a gallery watching it was fun. We also tried "sekai ni ichiban osoi dorifuto" / "World's Slowest Drift". Drifting at 5-10% throttle is very freaking difficult and sends the gallery to sleep... hahaha!  But we were extremely close and it was very good practice. Our cars are set up very similarly and we can get almost the same angle at 10% throttle as we can at 100%. it's just much much slower.

After we came back up to full speed, I think we were both "on it" within mm of each other.

I will definitely try this again.  

These have become THE MOST POPULAR WHEEL IN JAPAN right now. Mikuni Work Genosis. It's easy to see why. They should be called "gorgeous" instead. I'm waiting to see the work ones before I part with cash, but these a +9 offset.

Takeuchi-san's Overdose DRB was wearing one set.

And his Zeon was also wearing another set.

His chassis both run Keyence Airia with boost function. They sound insane.

This is the other Overdose chassis of our Wednesday group. DRB style is varied. I definitely dont need to run extra weights or the alloy bumper weight or a bumper even up front on my chassis. but other guys run these with 3.5 rear toe while I run 0.5. Setting is all about preference.

So here is a mini feature. S15 G-Master body with Mikuni wheel.

Simple is sometimes very very cool.

The signal stripe is a nice touch to break up the expanse of white.

 Some low wing mounts are a nice touch.

High wing mounts at MAX ONE are a bit of a 50:50 gable. If you push the wide line under the expressway you will hit something.

Today's wing hit score.

1 x Street Lamp (straight)
1 x Street Lamp (PA straight)
1 x Street Lamp (top line)
3 x Express way Support (under on ramp) 2x (removing the body from the velcro mount.)
4 x Express way Support (corner lime)
1 x MAX ONE Target.

+ some more I cant remember.

The wing is probably one of yokomo's stronger items. The stays are also pretty strong and mounted securely.
I'm suprised. Normal Yokomo Stays I have broken many.

I'm also liking the door scars on the 86 too. It's a sign of close driving. Mainly Ishida-san is to blame/thank.

The RC926 tyres were quite slippery and the profile was low so I didn't like the lowered ride height. I still thoroughly  recommend Kazama Premium carpet tyres.
The raised lettering on my Kazama Premium is all but gone. too much rubbing. but it's quiet now.

one last shot.

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