Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tsunami 86 - Start

 Tsunami 86... Project Start...

This will be my final build for a long time... I guess it will be the ultimate. I'm starting with a similar plan to the last Samurai 86, but this time the detail will increase and the care shall too.

I've already picked up the basics to start it. Toyota 86 body shell by Tamiya. Speed Way Pal 10mm over fenders. Some better light fixtures. 

And a HSV-10 NSX rear mounted wing. I'll probably use Kazama FXR but these En Route SA-55 will get the blue treatment also. I'm going to try for a subtle but deep multi layered wave design in a clear blue with chrome / white backing. like this... only with RE-Xtreme design.

By the way... I'm cleaning the house ready for a big move, so if you want any of the RE-Xtreme built bodies, check the 4 sale items

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