Thursday, August 16, 2012

Circuit Dr. Check Up.

Circuit Dr. is awesome. I really liked my time here.


Some super "RAW" footage

There was a lot of this. Luckily Allen Lorenzo shot these while I was pretty much unaware of surroundings. concentration is key.

The Gundam Figure indicates the drag race start of the main straight.

Fire up here avoiding a small island against the outer edge.

I took a little inner line so I could flick..........

and get double rear entries like this hard on the handbrake. Still with a good few meters before the clip. this is way up the other end of the track so vision is not good, but fun as hell!

Close up replay! Full speed flick traveling completely sideways.

Then you are quickly back on the power for a reverse journey...

...through an awesome switchback down towards skull corner before a small inside section.

Awesome! I was running 7.5T on about 80% power here for tandem runs with the ER34 battle partners on the day. Once again similar setups. OTA-R with 12 degree camber on the front with my DRB having 13deg.

 Not only performs amazingly, but looks awesome!

The URAS ER34 bodykit is huge, but sized well against the 86 cut low as I have. 

This type of distance is basically unacceptable for me these days. Gotta be closer. 

A lot of detail on this, including the nismo style LED rears.

Flashing through the foliage with under-body LED ablaze.

My car in chase.

Cylon style but again... unacceptible distance.

While tandem is awesome fun and the main reason I do this. I still like to do a few laps to learn how fast I can run on the track.

This section especially is enticing.

Ripping through here with the nose buried against the rail is awesome in itself.

Who would believe this area holds a bunch of RC nutters.

This is Circuit Dr. Not what you expected, right?

I had forgotten how hard it is for beginners to struggle with a drift package. Finally getting the brushed / nimh / AM Propo dialed in.

Little by little.

Allen was experimenting today with the camera.

I ended up leading a lot of laps today, even though it was my first time at the track. I'm happy that I can get up to speed quickly and join in pretty much straight away.

I had to drive a bit slower though to bring the gap down to this. I like adjusting my pace these days.  

But of course hard attack is still fun. 

When you meet someone who is happy to run with you. It's great!

You can really enjoy the drift with complete expectation of the other driver.

and with a great style. Pushing each other. Sometimes literally. (more door scars today!)

This is adequate distance.

With transitions like this... Cool!

I loved this section. Great shot here... Thanks Allen!!!

It was pretty bright, but these shots are cool.

Ok. so you've seen a lot. but here is a fantastic sequence also down to skull corner.

Ignore the kids toys in the background and enjoy the sequence.

That is awesomeness right there. the 86 can get places others can't.

We weren't the only ones having fun.

These guys were evenly paced as well.

Cool also.

You can see these cars are covered with stickers and Circuit Dr. gave us some stickers on entry.

Still more... Yes.!!!!! 

A whole world of cool! BN sports FC. 86 and S13.

The S13 was especially cool.

These almost look like skyline R32 sometimes.

the oil cooler was cool.

But these wheels were the bomb!

I hope you enjoyed Circuit Dr. Hopefully I'll be back... When?


  1. The S13's look great! The R34 is something my buddy would drive, he always uses the HKS Genki livery on his cars. I'll link him the pictures

  2. Oh yeah
    Very Custom the lip is about 10mm


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