Monday, August 27, 2012


Here's a look at a few Tamiya Toyota 86 Bodies. You can decide what works and what doesn't.

For the Street Jack event,  I fitted these +9 Spice TE37 SL in Hyper Bronze. The tuck a long way inside the guards even though the spacers are +8 on the rear and +7 on the front.

Some usage marks are starting to show, but that's RC.

Overall it's still looking insane. I think the result was good starting from an unknown.

One thing that ties this body together is the driver.  The Wild Willy II driver is awesome... Repaint in white is coming soon.

The DRB is also packing a moveable camera for onboard shots. These are linked to two rearward mounted servos. the driver has a movable head and I can raise the right arm for waving or gestures.

Inside it looks cool. The metallic red covered straw cage adds to the details. Camera roof mount is simple.

I'm not the only one with a 86 though. Here is another that's just as cool for many different reasons.

Inside you can see a full interior with Initial D style Anime character. LED lighting is a major feature on this "Base Model" 86 

Like my car, the front and side are wearing some signs of good drifting. The decision to use the black stock bumpers is thinking outside the box for sure. it makes the car look more "86".

The two contrast the 86 look in totally different manner.

But both are totally attention grabbing.

 Painting the rear bumper has made the car look longer in the back. This is the main strange point of the tamiya body.

I think mine is sitting about 4-5mm lower. There is no doubting that Work Kiwami are the best match for stock 86.

LED set includes the full controller with hazards, turn indicators and front and rear headlamps. However there are a few additions. the additional turn indicators on the fender and the LED day lighting look superb.

In the rear I am using the tamiya semi transparent decals while the silver car uses some custom LED and small indicators.

The results are great on the silver car.

My day lights are uninstalled. Just sticker option but I have driving lights in the lower mounts.

Here is another comparison. Normal body with Yellow bumper and lower wing. some Supra looking light buckets and FMIC. 

The body sits quite high for asphalt attack... Gymkhana Rally SPL?

All different, All Cool.


  1. Could you please tell me what led's is silver 86 using in back lights? This LED sircle looks awesome!

  2. I'm not sure actually.

    Some people build them like this.

    there used to be a tutorial here to do nismo style lights.
    but the links seem to be down.

  3. you basically run small plastic tubes

  4. oh, I see. It's like optic fiver. GOod idea.


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