Monday, August 27, 2012


"Dorizaru" is a regular at MAX ONE, Usually driving M-Chassis machines.

He was keen to show off his latest creations to MAX ONE Owner Yamada-san. (I like this shot... it shows his inner child.)

Checking out the detail.

A revised Monster livery for the occasion.

The Tamiya Subaru with Yokomo options is finished with Mikuni wheels and Wrap Up next carbon.

Detail is superb and the joins on the carbon are done RIGHT!.

He also brought some other creations to showcase.

Porsche 911, NB roadster, NA Roadster

 You can see the great effort in laying the carbon.

The time investment in something like this is large as well as the money.

This little NA was looking nice too.

ABC Hobby Datsun ute.

Very pretty.

Nice Tamiya Porsche GT2 also in the clan. short wheelbase has a large selection of cool bodies.

Friends were also in appearance. This Primera is definitely not the obvious drifters choice. 

ZUN ZUN always cool bodies also. It was lurking in the background so I decided this is a good place for a mini feature.

Tough enough?  Hows the front turn radius? I'm not sure.

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