Wednesday, August 15, 2012

RC Oahu Style

RC Circuit Oahu is a small circuit, but what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in character. I met up with Allen Lorenzo for a look at some of Kanagawa's tracks.

Allen is still an RC beginner, but he is not a beginner with an SLR. 5 seconds after picking up my camera, these images came out.

In this shot, you can see the mini-dv camera I am trying.

It's USB port slightly visible through the window but it was pointed in the wrong direction... more experimentation required.

The 86 has ground clearance like you wouldn't believe. Got Stance? I love it.

Some people want that crisp image... I don't. I love these slow shutter speed shots.

I noticed some of my wing is missing in this shot. The 86 overhang is so short, you always hit the wing on something. "crack-a-lackin"

Typical posed shot. Awesome!

This next sequence is in the small sweeper, there's all sorts of cool in this section of the track.

Foliage, barriers, siding, drink machines, semi-naked women ...

WTF? Semi-Naked Women! better put on a show!

Two laps, Two Shots.

 I love these shots at 1/20 second exposure. with focus on the OK! Okamoto Logo!

But these at 1/10 sec will be desktops.


Out Clip!

Cross the line.

I picked up some company in the early morning too. It was fun!

Front or Back, I don't care these days. 

But at a new circuit I prefer to follow for a while.

It's pretty hard to get serious side by side time at Oahu. The longer of the short sections are very tight. 

Thanks to the guys here. This 180SX runs a DIB chassis with about 1.8 CS.

Oahu is definitely NOT a circuit for the beginner though. You'd want to be on your game to come here or in need of some tight practice.

Circuit owner.

Got LED?

 Yes we do. Thanks for the hospitality.

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