Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wilder Willy

Do you remember back in 27-Nov-1982 when the Wild Willy came out? I do. I used to build them in my father's hobby store for customers. Fun beasts but the handling was always somewhat flawed with that High centre of gravity. The willy's wheeler tried to correct that.

This machine is off the dial. Its a petrol 4-stroke engined beast on a totally custom alminium chassis with super cool suspension design. I encountered it last week at the Tamiya Festival in Ikebukuro Tokyo. Then again today at Super Rajicon.

Now I have to get and finish my wild willy 2 driver. Here is an awesome paint tutorial.


  1. Is that nitro/methanol powered? Or is the engine just there for show?

    The suspension looks awesome. Wild Willy's are still very cool!

  2. GP is glow fuel. It's a 4 stroke OS engine.

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