Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Japan RC Shop Guide

If you come to Tokyo on vacation and want to pick up a few parts. then Akihabara is the main centre for hobby goods.

Some shops have a little, some have a lot, some have standard stuff and some are customisers dream.

 I'll give you a little tour in no particular order although the first 5 or six in Akihabara are in a walking tour direction.

Rakusei Model is in Akihabara in Tokyo Centre.

The shop specializes in Tamiya and Kyosho, with TECH-Racing products abundant here.
Yokomo parts are few.
Shop laid out in a chassis / function wierd style.

Futaba sangyo is an on road specialist. Also one of the two main aircraft stores.

the window is full of Yokomo,

But actually here, I find a lot of unique stuff that's not so mainstream. More Tamiya than Yokomo and a lot of F1 gear. Store is laid out by brand.

drift max is a smaller store without so many major items but specializes in the small parts especially for drifters.

You may even find a Japanese Champ behind the counter. After good advice, go to Drift Max.

Store is laid out by function/brand

the store is small, but remember in Japan, that's nearly always the case. They are crammed full of stuff.
I have found some nice gems here. 

One of my favorite haunts is Super Rajicon. This store has a lot of RC square, Yokomo, Kazama, Street jam etc. It is the only store in the centre with a small drift track.

Store is well laid out by section and brand. Easy to find what you need.

Probably the most convenient is TAM TAM. it's literally right in front of the Suehirocho station.

I purposely didn't show store interiors, because I would like everyone to be surprised.

 But something like this is nearly always inside. most stores offer massive discounts over retail.
not so easy to find what you want and not so much advice, but they have a good stock level.

Damn... They are all my favourites... I usually go to them all every time I come here.

One of the bigger stores is RC champ. They do high turnover, so like many stores in Japan, stock is minimal. Simply due to the nature of business. you order and it's there in the next day or so.

Don't be too worried if it's not on the shelf. things can arrive quickly. 

Champ is also an aircraft / heli specialist and is one of the bigger stores with good yokomo and tamiya parts.
They also have their own brands of items.

That's all for Akihabara. It takes about 4 hours to have a good look. Or 2 hours if you just want to check them.

Not far away... 190 yen on the subway is Shinbashi's Tamiya Gallery.

It's the upmarket version with few discounts, but maybe the odd rare piece.

you can see the complete history of re-releases. I almost was tempted by the subaru brat today.

Anyway If you want to Run in Tokyo then MAX one is good and close to the city but venture further and there's a world of Rc out there.

MAX one is now closed.

Here are just a few I added to a map for you.

If you can read Japanese you can always check http://rccar-navi.com/


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  1. One of these days I'm going to find a way to get to japan.. Driving the Max-One track is on the top of my list.

  2. I don't suppose a Tokyo RC track guide could be arranged, could it?

  3. +1 for a Tokyo track guide. I'm going in April for Cherry Blossoms and taking my cousin for his first time. It looks like I'll have a number of "free days" and I'd like to bring my car and run on multiple tracks, possibly make some Nihonjin Tomodachis..


  4. +1 for Tokyo rc track.
    and, if it will be possible, more map directions for the stores.
    So as i arrive there, same day i can go through ^_^

  5. Gee, I guess a track guide is not going to happen, and as Russ is no longer in Japan he may not have updated info.

    This guide also needs an update as Rakusei in Akiba recently closed for good.

  6. Yep, Rakusei in Akiba is now closed, and has been for a month (it closed April the 20th), but the company still maintains 3 other shops in Japan and has a thriving online business.

    It should also be mentioned that TamTam seems to be thinning out its RC and airsoft stock also...

  7. This is a great article. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. I look forward to reading more of your posts!


    1. rc bazaar, very nice to meet you here :) are you noor or vimal? this is Mandy from sunnysky :)

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