Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lights, Camera, MAXion

 OK, here is the action from Wednesday! After MY battery died of course. It's the only time I can take pics.

There is a lot of track detail at Max One. It adds to the realism, but it also means I have to take a million shots to get one that doesn't have much "scenery". But it sometimes makes it better.

You also can't use Auto-focus here for the same reason and it's quite dark inside. So you have to rely on low depth for field for bright shots and my camera is not up to that. Manual focus is also a lucky shot scenario.

But some of them turned out OK. Can you see my RE-Xtreme sticker on this car? There's a lot of travelling in this body. All the windows are covered by share stickers. Mine is on the front window. last time I saw this body it was new and relatively, sticker-less.

This one is filling up also.

This is our usual scene. Sometimes close.

Sometimes closer.

But if you fall behind, you have to take the straight dangerous line under the bridge... be careful!

But it is the fast line...  But the slow line is best and drama free.

Always in the mix.

Running behind or in front.

 You can get some great battles.

TA-05 VDF on this chassis was lurking today.

A new build with yokomo light buckets.


Unfortunately I had to run away to see some Japanese Fireworks. 1 hour of loud flaming insanity. but as the night group arrived, and got ready I got in an awesome final run.

This was the smoothest, quietest, drift package I've ever seen. none of that shaft "zing zing" sound and perfect balance. Driver was awesome too.

You never know what you see at Max One.

I'm still not sure about the DIB using the battery for chassis flex resistance. Twisting a lipo constantly seems flawed.

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