Wednesday, August 1, 2012

RED Car, White Wheels not mandatory.

Today felt like the red and white invasion. But a red car with white wheels was not really necessary, but it added to the atmosphere.

My hachi-roku samurai is looking super cool. I had just finished a battery, so I was using the "red team" to make some background.

I think you will find the result adds to the impact. Speaking of impact. Today we started running anti clockwise at Max one again. In the first battery session, I hit the wing more than ten times finding "the line" It's a bit wobbly in these pics... haha.

Part of that was due the new wheels. These are Kazama FXR +10

I do like the design.

paired with Kazama Premium tyres on o-rings and the Red Nuts.

But the 2mm narrower in track really effected the handling a lot. It became very twitchy again. So rather than playing with setup today, I simply switched back to the N model +12 on the rear.

Every time I break out the camera... I usually end up with an impromptu "photo shoot".

I really don't mind at all. It's great when I can get these group shots.

You always notice things in photographs that you don't when you are running. 

Anyway... this is probably as close as I'll get to a Team shot. The three of us OTA-R, JX-R and DRB really get it. It's superb fun when we are running in close proximity. We run the "cool" line. 

While Tak-13Bt and I have the rotary bug and usually run FC/FD bodies. Ishida san has run the same S14 for so long I can't persuade him to change. It's kind of by chance we all ended up with red and white today. 

But that's not mandatory for fun.  The Skyline also belongs to a Wednesday regular in the morning shift.

Anyway, I tried to squeeze us all in, but the lens I had on the camera was a telephoto zoom.

It just wasn't going to happen.

I had a bunch of unfinished projects today. one of them was adding the panel lines on the 86.

They are there, just hard to see. I also trimmed another 1mm off the lower lip. I'm liking the battle scars it's getting.

I alsoadded a 4th channel... Ive got it so I may as well use it. This hand wave will eventually be a F. U. out the window yee haa gesture.

but without the time to set it up correctly, I settled for a little way today.

Ive got two micro servo's in action.

Prototype version only.

Today it was used as an "I'm sorry" gesture. when I crashed at the front of the drift train, it serves as an appropriate... "gomen" Sorry Guys.

The last thing was to highlight the mufflers. but the lexan didn't totally agree with what I wanted to do.

hehe. tomorrow I'll post the action shots. there are some good ones.

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