Tuesday, August 28, 2012

STREET JACK MAX ONE - Chassis Heaven

Awesome doesn't even come close to this one. Tamiya Lovers dreams are coming true.

This chassis is a showcase of wonder.

Front and Rear IFS!

Black and blue theme... has serious continuity.

It's a TA05 VDF with the custom IFS setup. The body attaches with a reverse body mount system that sits on the top and then is pinned from below. pretty cool.

This is said body. A beast in itself.

Anyway, the owner brought a bunch of chassis, so lets look more.

This is a TA-06 base with an American import chassis. X-----? something I don't remember.  The steering is a pretty freaking cool design that will allow for insane angle. TWIN SERVO!

Front links are 20000 yen Tatsuken Ashi. they are infinitely adjustable.  

One of the hottest products right now. but only the rich can afford them. the front and rear set is over 30000 yen. That's another chassis for most people.

Anyway, this machine has TRF dampers updated with Overdose caps, spring holders and adjusters. the springs are becomming popular too. this very soft quick acting spring style is catching on.

Wrap up next carbon sheet used on the servo. and OD parts to finish it off.

Here is a TA-06 similar to my own... except the plastic tub remains. These are still among the best handling drift chassis in Japan. Don't let the rear motor freak you out. There's a lot of people overseas jumping on the front motor design. But really I've never seen one work more effectively than the mid or rear designs and almost NO pro drivers use them in Japan.

Anyway, this is set. RC square, Overdose and TRF is a good combo. should be around 90000 yen for one of these. New.

Anyone want to buy mine...?  RE-Xtreme TA-06 PRO Tsunami Spec Phase 2.2

Anyway here is the last of the set. It seems to be a  TA-06 with a lateral battery position and a few Overdose mods for reliable drift setting.

There is about 5 grand in chassis right here. Lift your game people.

Bodies are for show, but the oohs and ahhs come from the bling chassis.


  1. CHassis look stunning. Masterpieces.
    Is there any info on AE86 body mounting system?

  2. I only had a quick look, but the posts are simply mounted upside down. the body drops on and the body pins are attached underneath the chassis.

  3. The VDF is interesting. Its not the IFS dampers that struck me, its the tie-rod 'upperdeck'. It always seemed to me Tamiya messed up the purpose of the vertical double frame upperdecks by putting a lot of parts in between them making the upperdeck rather stiff when it should've given a lot of flex (thats why they're vertically mounted right?). They fixed it on the VDF-II, but this is a nice solution too.

    Btw, the TA06 might have an EX06 conversion from Exotek?

  4. interesting observations... I never even noticed... It's only when I get the pics I notice more than staring at the chassis.

    Yes TA06 exotec sounds right.

  5. The more I look at it, the more I spot. The spurgearholder, centerpulley's, motormount and the motor itself have been moved on the VDF. The weight from the motor can't be good for the handling, and the front belt is now crooked so I think the belt won't last too long. Seems like there's been some compromise to get the IFS suspension working. Was it worth it?

  6. I wish I could live in japan, this is the only place where you can find the most epic chassis, I saw the VDF some month ago yet : http://stuffcc.blogspot.fr/2012/04/sick-chassis-vol2.html
    I like it, a friend tried to do the same but he failled like a boss, the suspensions are linked to the front bucklehead, no upper deck, no front suspensions (replaced bu turnbuckles)...
    Little thing : IFS = Inboard Front Suspensions, so it doesn't have a rear IFS. ;D
    Imo, the IFS make loose a lot of damper efficiency on his VDF cuz of how he made it. Kinda cool anyway.

    BTW, the TA-06 with the front links looks nice, I wish I could try them, cuz it change the steering geometry. Too expensive, yea off course, a lot of parts, even more in aluminium and made by a small brand. What else ? lol

  7. StuffCC

    good points.

    I guess it's all about impact.
    he actually said it's his favourite of all his chassis. so it must not be too bad handling wise.


  8. I`m very interested with the Ta06 front hub carrier.Very cool idea fully adjustable.I wish i can made it my self.

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  10. My IFS on the TA06 needed some work. Tamiya's geometry is basically flawed as far as smooth operation goes.

    tatsuken ashi


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