Sunday, August 26, 2012


Today was a pretty cool  event... MAX ONE Oimachi Street Jack 

 I used the 86 today, for about 20 minutes because...

My arm pumping Willy II received a new face and the kids watching at the demo loved it. So I drove most of the day without the body. some RAW footage to come.

I have a couple of mini features. Normal (almost) vs tuned 86 report.

A look at the pretty cars and especially from Dorizaru and Hobby Garage.

The details are amazing.

And some insane chassis... these are off the hook!

A quick look at the festival overall. It was a lot of fun. The asphalt was not perfect, but an interesting experience none the less.

But a lot of fun on the carpet.

An awesome little event to generate interest in RC. I hope I was able to help that cause along with Overdose, Yokomo, Mikuni, Drift Max, RC Paradise Soga, Hobby Garage & More.

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