Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tsunami 86 - Update #1 Fendering

OK, the Tsunami 86 is out of the box and on it's way to awesome.

86 Fender Tutorial inside.

Im using the Speed Way Pal Over fenders on my 86s so here is a little tutorial if you want to try it.

This is how much you need to cut away from the fenders at the front. You can see I am really cutting away a lot for sus travel. But the result will be a body drop of around 4-5mm at the fender line.

The concept is based on a Uras-Style Nomura Ken 86. So the fenders only need to be half.

You will actually end up with just enough for 2 sets if you do it right.

The rears will need a little massage to stretch about 3mm at the front side.

Here are some wheels against the normal fender. I hate how much height there is above the wheel.

You will need to stretch these fenders about 6-7 mm at the front.

I usually cut them at 10mm all round then trim the edges you need to.

You can see the kind of angle. I'm dropping 3mm to the base.

So here you can see the result. Fender is raised about 5mm. and I leave a bit of meat for the Shoe goo to stick to later. Body is not yet cut in this picture.

the elongation begins by massaging the fender along the crease. takes a while but don't crease it too much or there will be stretch marks in the lexan.

Here is the front result. It's not circular. It's now oval towards the front. rear is trimmed 3mm. Front is left at 10mm.

The result is one tough 86.

For this build I grabbed a yokomo 1/12 Gt500 NSX rear mounted wing. (I also have a tamiya version) The yokomo wing has a separate wing stay allowing for angled installation. While not in the exact locations as the Rocket Bunny Version. I think it will work nicely.

The 45 degree end plates will allow the space I need for wall scraping.

I think it's going to be cool...

Option 1. Blue.
Option 2. Wild Blue and chrome livery... which might take longer than I thought.

 What to do? mental D1 style or Street Smooth?

You need to paint before the fenders can be attached unless you paint outside. Stay tuned for more tutorial.


  1. Awesome, man.
    Where can I get those wing stays?

  2. http://www.teamyokomo.com/partslist/gt/parts_gt_hsvw.html



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