Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Visit to the Circuit Doctor

Circuit Dr. Evil! haha. No that couldn't be further from the truth. This place is Dr. Fun!

I spent a few hours here today, the main reason was to setup another chassis, but I still wanted to try this track. The size is pretty much perfect. Theme is Hawaii fun. Hawaiian shirts and Hawaiian music. Concentration usually eliminates that from your mind.

 My main battle partners today were running these huge ER34 Skylines. somehow the 86 looked very scale against them. Very realistic.

 The Full Uras kits look awesome. This machine is a OTA-R Wheels are top line DRS-10 in gold. The HKS livery looks pretty cool too.

 Active LED and some custom cylon style making this pretty cool! in the background you can see how busy it was. Almost all the pit tables were in use on this national holiday season

 I apologize for the pics. But more to come later.

 My camera was playing up, so I resorted to P mode. but that just doesn't have any feeling..

Anyway, the driver of this Zeon was awesome and he allowed me to follow very closely without error. His technique was different to many, but very effective. Presentation was excellent. I enjoyed this a lot.

Here is my favorite shot from today. I have some rough DV, from onboard, but it's terribly bumpy and you can only see the skyline flash by as the camera was pointing mostly at a 45 degree angle. haha.

Thanks to all the guys I ran with today. I rarely have time to remember all your names.

 This 180 was also looking cool.

I'm liking the spot of grey primer on the side. Damage.

 This section of the track was awesome. Mostly today, I was in tandem mode, but full attack down the Skull corner is awesome.

Battleship grey!

Very cool.

 Many other guys on track. this black beast had some wicked custom wheels with super dish.

 Some drift packages always out for some fun.

Trying to sort out the drift package today. It's a work in progress.

Needs a front one way, but we are making do with old tech. Would you believe the Yokomo running set in "AM"  is better than the 2.4Ghz version.

A few shots of the madness as I was leaving.

It's all good.

I should have some more shots for everyone in the next week or so.

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