Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Max One, Drift Max, RC Heaven Soga, RC Circuit DR. , Weld / Overdose, Yokomo, Mikuni, Hobby Garage and more. A great day, enjoyed by many.

 Double Trouble... Iishida-san's and My own posed on the Weld JZX100.  

Teru-san's Sunny is an awesome beast for so many different reasons. 

They were a 1:1 focal point for the demo / festival event.

The organizers were given a rough patch for the asphalt course, but we all did our best to try it out.

The AKB48 team are always in abundance.

I don't how many of these guys there are now, but there's 48 girls in the group and their rc body count is getting close to that. 

Here's an FD in the livery.

And some more in the background. I was trying some old street jam tyres, but i should have gone with the yokomo tried and true.

I tried a chrome sticker to protect the carbon... It didn't really work...

Everyone was alternating between the asphalt and the outdoor carpet course. We were lucky the weather was a nice 32 degrees C! but in the shade. 

The L shape layout providing some nice opportunities.

for side by side running.

It was getting pretty popular at stages.

Here's a RE-Xtreme 5 Minute livery for my friend's son. Who wants boring old one colour anyway. $1 metallic tape to the rescue.

He was enjoying the day.

 Hard Light.

The outdoor event continued well after my schedule allowed. then everyone continued in Max One...

Variety is the key. Street look.

JDM inpsiration.

Here is the result of my waving RC arm. these kids were having great fun watching the cars. Let's hope Yokomo gets them into the hobby on some level.

Thanks to all involved.

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