Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Maximum Insanity - Plus

I just had time to go through my pictures from yesterday... I was totally exhausted.

With the new charger, I managed almost 10 hours of non-stop driving. My body was hurting. But there was craziness.

Enter AE86... I am really enjoying this body... The scars are giving it character also.

I'm enjoying the driver also, but I haven't found time to paint the face properly.

I like both wheels, the XSA and FXR as well as some black watanabe looked good. This weekend I'll be using some Asphalt Tyres on Prodrives. see how it goes.

This month has been a sea of red at Max One.

Team Red is made up of callsigns... RE-Xtreme, Hidari-Maru and Taku-13Bt (driving the 86/DRB here.)

While I can't take images of the three of us together. I can get a couple at a time.

 I forgot the "RAW" camera can just see the empty camera holder through the 86's window.

These are the other two crazy men in action.

Crazy Man No.1 OTA-R conversion

Crazy Man No.2 (this is a TA-06) and I am Crazy Man No3 with DRB.

Today seemed to be a Red vs White day.

Team red has a slower more compact flow.

Team white today was running Takeuchi-san in the lead. These guys run a slightly faster line with a slight spread between cars.

Under constant attack.

The Turbo'd Zeon was doing well.

But if you let some one this far along side...

You'll be taking the expressway exit involuntary.

off topic.

I spent a bit of time finding a line on the reverse direction highway at Max One. It's freaking difficult with a low percentage of success but if you can link it all it's very rewarding.

Anyway... The S15 lives on. 

The other white members include this TA-06 Skyline

VDS Porsche or VDFII S15 during the day as well as the AE86 seen here.

Everyone has really upped their game. and makes for constant battles.

Marine-san's new ER34 is a beast. 

The bullet holes around the car cap off the military fighter warthog theme. Flat paint on the outside is a good effect.

Enjoyed today a lot guys... thanks.


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