Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tsunami 86 - Update #3 Colouring

Oooh Yeah... getting there....

Fenders require a smooth surface for joins. so this required some sanding.

Also the inner edge were sanded on an angle, for that extra 0.5mm of clearance. this really needs to be done first or some paint will be lost to rubbing.

So then it's off for a bath in clear soapy water for prep.

Tamiya have cut costs on these bodies. So both masks and sticker set need to bu cut by hand. meaning another 30 minutes wasted on cutting and for the body it's about an hour. 

The results are still good.

tamiya masks are the "right" shape

Here are the light buckets and fenders with the backing paint.

Transparent blue with silver. I didn't use chrome on the body because I wanted more "stick" but it isn't as bright as I'd hoped. In the sun, it will still be awesome.

I'm deciding whether to add a rear radiator... but I though a BRZish bonnet scoop with intercooler could be cool. these are WRX parts... Maybe...??

test mount of tyres looks great. next step... attach the fenders and a little rear window smoke.


  1. THis is one badass color, man. Nice work.
    Why did you decide to make it mono-color, without any complicated pattern?

  2. It's not uncovered yet...

    Why no pattern? a few reasons but main one is recently not much time.
    I'm moving soon.


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