Monday, November 4, 2013

Asamoto and Co.

Pan Speed and Asamoto! These two are going to be awesome together.!

Work on the Asamoto FD continues. I tried my new MST RID rims on here.

But of course the Enkei NT-03 will be used first. I'll be painting the underside of the sleepy lights and manufacturing some kind of V-mount.

I've started to install some more detail parts. Sleepies, Combination laps and oil coolers. (yokomo item cut in half.)

once I finish the painting, it will look pretty impressive. some "alloy" plates will surround the oil coolers and v-mount almost ready for the front to open up.

As usual Yokomo parts are massively oversized so they had to be trimmed and mounted inside the Pandora surrounds. The rear lights are tinted, but should give a good effect. a little weathering on the coolers brings them up nicely.

Yes. its a slow painful process but the results will make me smile every time.

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