Friday, November 15, 2013

Luxon KG"Kick to the Gear"

Oooo, new bits.

And pieces.

Chavelier Dash capacitor and some Kawada Connectors that i like to use on my motors for easy maintenance.

The plan was always to run a combination of winds and specs. 

I'm not getting a decent match between the Speed Passion 10.5T Dokyo Drift Spec and my Keyence ESC.

It's a bit of a different feel for me. So I swapped it out of the DIB. Anyone need a near new Dokyo?

So I've got 3 Keyence motors the run smooth with my Keyence ESC. 

7.5T Luxon KG Silver Case
7.5T Luxon KG Street Jam Black Edition. Now 1/2 Polished.
17.5T Luxon KG Silver Case

so I needed to swap them around a bit to suit the chassis. 

The polished case came off and the Red case went on my "MAIN" motor. this 7.5T is usually run at about 25% capacity for still good results. I've kept the pearl black tachyon combo on this one too, but I may swap the wires later.

In my MAIN chassis Overdose DRB, I've swapped my Street Jam polished case onto the new 17.5T and also swapped on the polished active end bell.

Tomorrow I'll be soldering. Yuk!

I'm keen to see how this less rpm motor fairs with more torque.

I'm also taking the opportunity to swap the silver carbon Tachyon into the DRB. I'll be wiring the Cevalier Boost in here too.

I hope the result will be silky smooth performance and I can return to using more of the ESC and motor range.

The other silver 7.5T lives in the Drift Package SSG.

So... If I can unload the Dokyo. I'll be ordering another 10.5T Keyence for the Rear Wheel Drive Project.
I think finishing the Rear Wheel Drive Project might take priority over a Sanwa M12 transmitter which I don't really need.

Note to self... clean the chassis!


  1. Keen to hear how the cevalier boost is over standard on the keyence esc. i've been thinking about getting them for my esc's

    1. I got the dash which is spec for the tighter tracks focusing on toque.

      I am using the 17.5T with the Chevalier Dash

      Honestly, the keyence has always been pretty progressive especilly on the 2 khz Drive Frequency setting.

      I can't say I notice a super huge improvement.

      But it is definitely smooth.


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