Friday, November 22, 2013

RE-Xtreme FD3s NF-Spec Update #2

Body and aero are back from the paint shop.

 While I wish I had a spray booth like this.

in reality, it's a lot like this.

Here you can see the body kit.

Tamiya Body shell
Front Splitter cut from remaining shell.
Speed Way Pal Over fenders. (to be unveiled)
Side skirts.
and Active hobby Light Buckets.

The Tamiya in stock form is way too narrow even for these +6 rims. So the fenders await installation.

The color is Tamiya PS combo.

First Transparent Red. you have to be careful with this stuff cause it runs like mad. I did get a few runs on the fenders in places. But nothing I can't hide.

Then you back that with Bright silver. Then Pearl White for brightness, then black for the mirror effect.

This body will suit many wheel styles and colours.

I've also done a little more to the Shop. I picked up some Xmas style lights for it too that run on AA batteries. Both should be complete .... soon ish maybe.

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