Saturday, November 16, 2013

GCRC Saturday Sessions

What does it mean to be passionate about style. Pushing that little further than most will try.

One person I know that takes style to extremes is Ben.

You may think this is just an ordinary sedan. but you'd be wrong. some small details making it grab the eye.

I love these shots where the wheels are showing the speed difference. This En Route JXR sits at CS 3.27 but his other chassis are pushing the 4.0 CS envelope.All in search of that full lock slide by.

 A few little suspension tweaks had this machine operating at FULL lock. oozing style.

Locked rears always look good. Fronts on Full Lock almost constantly have me thinking about CS again.

My own DRB is CS 2.2 and is getting some pretty massive angle these days. Actually I'll be searching for more lock before I search for more CS. Custom adjustable ackerman is my next chassis project.

In search of that realistic style.

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