Wednesday, November 20, 2013

RE-Xtreme RE-86 D1 Spec ZN6 Debut

For a while this afternoon, I was alone at GCRC with my new beast.

 I've installed a few stickers around the place. they come in handy for photo spots. But they don't detract from the ZN6.

These rims are a bit pretty for action.  But the suit the "Tokyo Auto Salon" style displays.

Stay tuned for a small video of the new machine.

MST RID Wheels +11Offset  with 4mm hub front and 8mm hub rear. Only slight cutting required for scrub radius.

I enlisted a trusted hand who gave me a few opportunities for photos.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Body Spec.

Tamiya 86 Body Parts Set.
Addiction RC Over Fender
Addiction RC Front Bumper Set
Yokomo Team Orange GDB body accessories (hood Scoop, roof spoiler, rear intakes)
Yokomo Orido 86 body accessories (Mirrors, Rear Wing)
Yokomo HKS 86 Light Bucket Parts
Yokomo Twin Muffler set
Yokomo Intercooler
GT Power LED

.RSG. Design sticker set provided by Ben Cikarouski


Auto Salon Spec - MST RID +11
D1 Spec - Topline Mars Drift Fighter N Model +12

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