Friday, November 29, 2013

DRB vs Drift Package suspension

Yokomo Suspension Selection. Left = DRB, Right = Drift Package MR4TC.

There are two major differences in the DRb & DIB which share suspension components and the older Drift package.

1. the length of the front suspension pin and therefore the length of the arm. (length is front to back)

 DRB is much shorter. the Drift Package (MR4TC) is much thicker

2. the diameter of the suspension pins.

DRB uses a 3mm suspension pin for strength as the Drift package's 2.5mm pin is prone to bending on big impact.

So what about the Drif Package type C. TOP

Well it's a drift package so the pin is 2.5mm and the length of the pin is the same. 

So what about wrap up next? Overdose etc,

Well you have to be careful with aftermarket arms that the pin size is correct.

Drift package. 2.5mm, DRb 3 and you should be ok.

But you will find that the overdose arms come with a 3mm pin with 2.5mm ends.
so they still fit the orginal but have more strength.

take care. and have fun tuning.


  1. I think it's 3mm for DRB/DIB, and 2.5mm for Drift Package, no?

    1. Dude of course you are right. Corrected the entry.

      My brain doesn't work this early in the morning... haha.


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