Wednesday, November 27, 2013

GCRC Mid week testing.

The D1 Spec RE-86 is starting to look like a D1 car.

It's gaining some character from Full Attack mode.

Finished the interior.

But I forgot the steering wheel!

dash lights up well though.

the Black Topline and tyre combo was a little wide, 

So i swapped on some Mikuni Work Rims.

These are Top Line "Moon" tyres. Basically the same HDPE. Speed is exactly the same as Newer Topline tyres,

The bechmark was also on track. It's great when you have someone consistent to measure yourself.

And others for a good threesome of Drift..

I reverted the Typhoon Spec FD back to street trim.

removing a large number of stickers.

The result is pretty special. Also dialled the SSG Drift package in a it more for this surface.

A good night.


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