Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's a Servo Mate.

Welcome to the RE-Fuel circuit side service station

What started as an idea, soon turned into something material.

I don't have much space to build stuff like this in my apartment.

But when I visit my fathers hobby workshop, there's all manner of tools and the space you need to use them.
And of course another pair of hands to make light work of things.

cutting long sheets of wood on a circular saw bench. Holding things together. all gets easier.

Final size is around 900mm W x 1800mm L. A bit larger than I had imagined on paper.

When I got home, the painting began. The result is a single car garage (two can sqeeze in)

And a small office/ shop with twin pump bowser.

these will all be stickered soon.

 Similar to some more track side banners.

I've already been out with the camera.

Going to be some nice shots from here.

Should be a nice photospot. 

Total cost so far is about $40. Do it'

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