Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RE-RB86-6666-Rocket Bunny BRZType C STI FRS 86 Update #6

In progress this afternoon. I was down in the garage making my fuel pumps also.

Due to the massive scrub radius of +12 rims up front and the tightness of the RB body shell in the wheel wells. I can only run +10 or 11 up front with a lot of LOW.

After I use it for a while I may get hacking and run +12

These are MST +11. I've started trimming the body away around the front arches. But I still need some velcro to mount this baby.

Apart from a dash and the mount, the body is about 95% complete.

I acquired some optic fibre but my dremel drill chuck was misplaced somewhere, so i couldn't install it.

front lights are temporarily taped in. and they are lighting up behind also. I have a blue light for the interior, but at the moment, I've just taped it under the scoop.

out back it's a similar story. this blue light is temporarily in place.

I've got RC Square 8.0mm rear hub with +11 MST. It's still tucked under.

I'll take it for a smash up D1 style tomorrow.

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