Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mid Week Magic

Of course there was some action tonight.

It's hard to describe the colour of the 86 until you see it in person. Some say Orange. Some Say Yellow, Some say Lime green.

What ever colour... It looks pretty cool with the white rims. Top Line Wheels and Tyres have it hooked up.

Some Slide by shooting also took place.

DIB or R3R Sometimes I can't tell what's underneath.

This is pretty typical of the wheel angle the guys are getting.

The camera catches the wheel speed differences pretty well.

This is a new MST XXX-D soon to become more rear over driven. Already consistent in application.

Unchi-no-chai-iro = Poo Brown in Japanese

Ben (driving my DRB / 86) and Jade attacking Josh's rear drive MST

Followed up by Nick in the "sewer slider".

 There were some nice runs while I was taking shots.

Jade and Scott also getting close.

DRB is currently CS2.2

40 - 12 / 18 -27 with 22-90 pinion Spur and 17.5T

It's getting some major angle. I'm actually looking for more lock. Guild n' one mods to come.

I still love hanging on the brake. My DRb follows the line very well on brake.

But the tight battles always make for good pics.

They are happening more and more regularly these days too.

A big change from just a couple of months ago. Even drawing the spectators.

 Thanks for a great night again guys.


  1. russ, does guild n one still make the DRB parts? i was under the assumption they did not. i was looking for some of their parts for mine. help?? haha

    1. Well, the guild style maybe.

      their front ackerman adjust is easy to replicate.


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