Thursday, November 21, 2013

RE-Xtreme FD Twin "NF Spec" Project Start.

The "NF Spec" is a client build with a difference. I have a vested interest as I'll be spending a lot of time alongside. Hence the project for the RE-Xtreme FD Twin 7 "NF Spec" begins.

Like any of my shells, it all starts with the concept. This one will be a street machine on steroids.

Target chassis is a DRB like mine, so the twin drift scenario should match nicely.

From a real RX-7 point of view the Tamiya shell has nice size and shape with it's tight cockpit.  However the width is not there so for deep +11 or other deep offset rims. We need over fenders of some kind.

Speed way pal fenders are massaged into a longer arc and the edges are matched to the body shape with the dremel.

The result is a nice fit where the fenders meet the body and the outer edge remains flat.

I've corrected the errors I made on my first build, so these will actually look better in shape with a Rocket bunny feel to them. Side skirts will have the Fujita Engineering Afflux Styling with the lower edge of the body folding under. A front splitter and small canards will complement the aero finishing with a 3d wing with endplates. 

I have a whole bunch of light options for this one. But I think this is where the twins will differ. Some recessed RE-Amemiya style quad light buckets with the option of exposed or covered lights might get the not.  When the time comes, these options will be up for choice.

Colour will be either cherry red or bright red depending on the outcome of my test strips with black carbon in the mix.

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