Saturday, November 16, 2013


Today there was a fun little comp at GCRC.

For some, it was their first comp but the skill level was quite high actually.  The turnout was small, but that allowed for more of a fun atmosphere.

Comps always make people think about their cars in different ways, as well as focusing on the driver a lot.

People always react differently under a little pressure.

D1 rules basically apply.

With some battles being quite close. including my own albeit without pictures.

You can pull a gap, only to have it disappear with a small mistake.

 GCRC laps are quite long. So you have to be on the ball.

In lead and chase mode.

My rotor battle was a bit tough.

You never know who you will be up against.

You need to be patient and aggressive.

I wish I had the reflexes of the younger generation.

sorry for the blur I wasn't really set up to shoot the entire track. 

 Congrats to Dazza (MST + Orido 86). His consistency paying off as I couldn't recover from a small mistake.

Maybe next time.

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