Wednesday, November 13, 2013

GCRC Black Wednesday

 A bit of tandem and quad-dori on a rainy night at GCRC

Check the video here.

New MST RID Rims in +11. 

I can't help myself. Must Haves. The DRB Slicing through the scenery

 Dave's MST XXX Vip

 I didn't take many pics. More driving than pics.... and a video to come.

Awesome fun.


  1. Great video, looks like the car is setup nicely now! And the speed you guys run at looks perfect /jealous haha

    1. I would say setup is near perfect for my driving style. Maybe a little more "constant" steering angle might be nice. Up to CS 2.5 (i'll try that on the DIB), but I love the 2.2 on the DRB. The key is the surface. I used to love carpet, but it was difficult to run this slow. I was always trying to drive slower on carpet. GCRC started as dusty and grippy in places, but the cars and HDPE tyres have polished it to perfection and its super slippery but we can generate the more grip with setup and tyre choice. I run the bodies with about 2mm ground clearance. I love it.

  2. Yupp polished concrete rocks!!! We love it too!!


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