Saturday, November 23, 2013

GCRC on a Sunny Day (with a hailstorm)

Yes it was a sunny day OUTSIDE. But GCRC is indoor! Lights on please!

photography from this angle results in some HIGH CONTRAST.

But in other protected spots, you get some fantastic lighting. Arun's Subie is looking pretty cool.

I took a few pics. It looked great beside by Silver carbon FD3s.

CS style! 

Brown laurels are not that common you know.

RB v SR fun.

Always fun running with the Fanta-s14

Always on Line.

at one point about 15 cars on track. A very good sight.

i like the flat bronze on this machine.

No It's not a Ford. Goldie-"Lock"s.

But this is.

 Battles all day.

Thanks for the runs.

Enjoy RC!

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