Sunday, November 3, 2013

GCRC Sunday.

Sunday is a meant to be a relaxing day. But when the battles are getting closer and closer, relaxation is not an option.

We have definitely been putting in some hours.

The GCRC FD definitely has a "Stock Car" feel to it. Flat blue and black works well.

While we did a few laps at super close vacinity. I needed some pics, so I handed over the 2.2 DRB to a trusted pilot and while there was a period of adjustment, I was ab;e to get some nice shots resembling the images I wanted. 

I still like these shots through the foreground.

It wasn't long before the boys were getting pretty close.

This is the same image uncropped. the scenery at GCRC is coming together.

Today we were joined by some pretty powerful V8 machines with about 351hp on tap.

these Aussie machines were "THE" car of their day.

It was a bit of a Brock / Moffat battle at times. Underneath however, these are not the normal chinese rubbish imports. 


I guessing this ute is an F150.

Anyway. GCRC has allowed me to add some more decoration to the track. I've added some RC flavored logos around the place. Feel free to attack the RE-Xtreme RC Division wall

Shout out to Jade. Thanks for skidding the FD. This photo would be nice if that wing mirror was in the right spot.Damn.!

Not so noticeable in this awesome shot.

I was running some Blitz BRW rims on the FD3s. But there were a bit small.

So we slapped on these 7 spoke RC-ART gulflame rims. for a bit more visibility.

Which looked pretty impressive.

See you at GCRC.

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