Saturday, November 30, 2013

GCRC Sunday and Garage install.

Guess where I was "AGAIN"!


I was cooking up some cool laps with the boys but the end plates on the 86 were still getting hooked on the track walls.  

I like to stick the wing over the fence... but sometimes it gets hooked up.

So... Hmm lets go to the garage...

End Plates Trimmed.

and some BIO-R race fuel.

I was soon chasing the boys again without any hook ups. Here is Nick sliding it on the wall.

Along with "The Benchmark".  Many of us are running 17.5T these days. and the speeds we have are super realistic. We are getting closer and closer.

I'm getting some pretty good tandems happening these days. everyone's level has raised and their lines are becoming deeper and more "Drift" like.

 I think theres only a few in clip points on the track now.

With most of us heading to the out side walls.

pretty damn regularly.

Sliding past the garage creates a nice image.

Enjoy your RC. I am.

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