Sunday, November 17, 2013

RE-RB86-6666-Rocket Bunny BRZType C STI FRS 86 Update #3

A productive day today. and it continues as we speak with the fenders and wings now permanently attached.

It started with a wash, mask and a trip to the paint booth.

This colour is Tamiya  PS Yellow. But If you are like me, the colour is never just yellow. 

The way tamiya paints work is that they have a bit of a chemical reaction. so if you spray one over the other really quickly, you get a mix of sorts.

These pictures reflect the orange lights of my house. but the colour is actually close to a yellow with a green tinge. Why? because there's a Yellow / white / black mix going on.  Then there's the PS matt spray on the outside.  to take away even more of that BRIGHT yellow that i hate.

I'll be using these rims to replicate the Enkei rims on the RB car even though they are rays G25.

The gaping hole is for the flush mounting of the STI bonnet scoot from the team oragne Impreza.and theres more holes in the rear window for the scoops and ill be running the little deflector wing on the roof.

I had a bit more time this afternoon the trim the custom sticker set I have made with the help of a friend. and the first test application is on.

 This thing is going to be Suber!

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