Monday, November 18, 2013

RE-RB86-6666-Rocket Bunny BRZType C STI FRS 86 Update #5

How awesome is this thing!!! Sometimes the not care so much attitude produces something special.

Guard lip to lip. left to right. Front = 200mm. Rear = 210mm. 

I'm ticking the jobs off the list. But I took some time out to try some rims. These Top Lines are off the chart.

Roof deflector...tick
Rear Mufflers  and number plate ... tick.
Rear Diffuser ... tick
Rear Lights tick. Ive got a slight yellow tint on the chrome. hard to see. though.

lights and inter-cooler are still temporary position up front. I've scored some optic fibre... so stay tuned for the 6 tiny led effect.+ projector lamps and corner driving lights.


  1. Dude this thing looks better and better with each update. Love it.

    1. Of course it does. WA HA HA!!! Evil!
      details are definitely adding to the mood.

  2. What do u use to do the red accents in the tail light housing. Im doing a yokomo hks 86 and i really want to nail the details


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