Friday, October 3, 2014

DP-DM Spec 3.4

Yokomo Drift Package Drift Master... Ready for action.

These are some preliminary shots. I have made a few changes since but it's now ready.

Final Spec is listed.

Yokomo Drift Package - Drift Master version
Yokomo Shock Upgrades with Kazama tops
Yokomo Rear FCD2.0 gear set with Alloy Housing.
Yokomo Front One Way with Spice Reduction Gear Set,
Yokomo Front DPM Knuckles with (7,10,12) castor lower plates. (12 fitted)
Year Racing Rear knuckles.
Team Suzuki Lower arms.
Yokomo Alloy Drive Shaft cups

Active Hobby Lightweight Centre shaft
Active Copy Slide Rack Steering
Overdose Battery Stay
etc etc

I decided to debut the Drift Master using the 2000GT.

the main reason being, this chassis has a very neutral aerodynamic shape. the slippery form kind of drifts similarly to a naked chassis.

It's ready for debut... so check the next post.


  1. this is the base chassis for the wrap up conversion right?.or is that its own chassis?

    1. Yokomo Drift Package special Version by yokomo. 2003 ish Drift Master.


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