Sunday, October 5, 2014


 Time for a spin... 180, 360, 720 why not.

It's time to get serious with out super high countersteer machines... not really. Just have serious fun!

Some very close battles. 

180sx's everywhere.

I removed the wing from my machine... but it's only temporary while I fabricate some monster End plates.

The Red DRB @ 4.6cs is travelling well.

One thing we want to replicate with these machines is the low scrub radius maximum angle. While the current DRB/DIB Front A-Arm setup does the latter, a new set of knuckles for less scrub is high on the list of wants.

We can all easily see the wheel speed difference from this image.

While today there were some awesome battles.

Sometimes, we need time to work on our lines.

 Awesome Blast!

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  1. Great to get a decent slide session in, it's been a while !


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