Friday, October 10, 2014


With a lot of motorsport coming up this weekend. I thought I'd best start early.

I took a few machines down to GCRC for a bit of quiet drift. Sorry about the green floor. a bit of overspray.

Tried a few chassis combos, rebuilt some shocks, changed a few things,  but basically struggled with settings all day as the track changed in grip level.

It changed from a super slippery surface to a high speed grip track. A bit unknown.

Usually getting a bit more angle than this.

Anyway, A lot of machinery on track today.

180sx + Onevia

Pandora and yokomo shells are still very different.

Both cool.

Battles everywhere.

However with speeds way up today.

The spacing was a little more on the safety side.

FD in the house.

Missile Spec.

With new RP-01s

JDM missile and Aussie muscle. This Commodore looking very macho.

For overseas readers these are V8 powered Rear Drive machines. 

Twin turbos! yep got those!

Massive rear wing and cool details. Yep Got those.

RWD machines.

 I wont' say cruising. I'll say schredding.

Looks cool.

My main battle partner today.

Rebuilt chassis.







I'll have a bit of a comparison about this is another post.

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